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Winston Chu
Winston headshot.png
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Winston Chu
Status:  Deceased
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1979
Place of birth:  Hong Kong
Date of death:  2012
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Mrs. Chu (Mother)
Peggy Li (Wife; Deceased)
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Water Street Gang
Vehicle(s):  Ridge Sport (The Wedding)

Silver Enterprise (Uncle Po)

Businesses:  Protection rackets, extortion rackets
Voiced by:  Parry Shen
"Anything, anything happens to me, you look after our people, ok? We're a family. Family has to stick together."
―Winston Chu to Wei Shen

Winston Chu is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He was the leader of the Water Street Gang and a Sun On Yee Red Pole.



Winston grew up in the Old Prosperity housing project with numerous Sun On Yee members including Dogeyes Lin. Both Winston and Dogeyes were good friends. Winston lacked any education growing up, hence joined the Sun On Yee Triad at a young age and would work his way to become the Red Pole of the Water Street Gang.

The Water Street Gang were in control of a small part of North Point, Hong Kong. Winston ran extortion and protection rackets within the Night Market. Winston and his gang often relied on intimidation and brute force in their works, hence his activities were limited to extortion, bullying, stolen goods, and the occasional contract violence and even murder. Winston's lack of sophisticated criminal planning made him and the Water Street Gang the weakest faction in the Sun On Yee, as a result he was looked on by other red poles and Dogeyes attempted to take over his territory and operations for Big Smile Lee.

Winston's closest and most trusted subordinates were Conroy Wu and Duke. In addition to being a Red Pole, Winston was a devoted family man, living with his mother, operating his gang in her restaurant, and was engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Peggy Li. Unfortunately, Winston and Dogeyes drifted apart, battling and arguing over territory, becoming bitter enemies.

According to Conroy during Mini Bus Racket, Winston and his gang got protection directly from Uncle Po, presumably also made an alliance with the chairman.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

"You fearless? Or just crazy?"
―Winston upon meeting Wei

When Winston's underling Jackie Ma introduced his friend Wei Shen to become a recruit of Sun On Yee, Winston didn't actually recognize him until he remembered his sister, Mimi Shen, whom he considered attractive and sexy. After Winston asked after Mimi, Wei informed him of her death, making Winston quick to apologize to him out of respect for his loss. Winston instructed Conroy, Jackie and Wei to go out into the Night Market to take care of a problem.

"The Night Market is mine, Dogeyes! You got Siu Wah and the warehouse. That was the deal. So stay the fuck out."
―Winston to Dogeyes

After Wei survived a hazing by Conroy, Duke, and Vincent, Dogeyes personally came to the Night Market to taunt Winston as an attempt to gain control of the night market. However, Winston refused, stating that Dogeyes had Siu Wah and the drug warehouse and he had the Night Market. Enraged by Dogeyes' visit, Winston gave Wei his first task: to take back control of the Night Market and extort protection money from the vendors. Shen successfully beat up Dogeyes's henchmen and defeated Ming, taking control of the Night Market.

The fight between Dogeyes and Winston continued to escalate, as the Water Street Gang took protection rackets, a minibus route and even Club Bam Bam from Dogeyes, increasing Winston's power over North Point, while diminishing Dogeyes'. When a high-ranking Sun On Yee ketamine drug-dealer named Popstar was arrested, Winston and the other Water Street Gang members suspected Wei was responsible (which in actuality he was), and decided to execute him. Ming attempted to convince Winston that Wei was a police informant.

Winston, however, was convinced by Wei that in fact Ming was behind the incarceration of Popstar, since Ming would benefit most by taking over Popstar's drug dealings. In response, Winston assumed Ming to be the snitch, and that he was still working with Dogeyes. Winston killed him on the spot with his handgun despite Ming's pleas of innocence. He told Wei that loyalty was important and to never forget that and he warned Wei that if he got into this business for himself, then he's "bound to end up like this (piece of shit)", and warned him to be careful.

"I want it burned to the ground. Siu Wah runs the operation. Put that (fucker) in a shallow grave!"
―Winston orders the Water Street boys to burn down the warehouse

Dogeyes, however, soon retaliated by attacking the restaurant, killing two of Winston's gang members and injuring several customers. Thankfully, Winston's mother was unharmed. Winston immediately decided to fight back, sending his men to burn down Dogeyes's drug-manufacturing warehouse and murder Siu Wah, however Wei reasoned and convinced Winston to capture Wah alive to gain leverage with Uncle Po. Wei did so successfully, and with Siu Wah now working for Winston, he met with Uncle Po, who was surprisingly lenient towards Winston, understanding the fact that it was Dogeyes who provoked Winston. As a peace offering and show of good faith and loyalty, Winston offered Siu Wah and the full cut of his drug operations to Uncle Po, settling the matter.

"Get Peggy out of here... she... she... doesn't deserve this."
―Winston's last words to Wei Shen before his death

Relieved that the dispute was finally over, Winston finally trusted Wei and accepted him as family, even introducing him to his fiancée, Peggy. After the preparations were done, Winston invited Wei to his wedding. However, the reception was attacked by the Jade Gang, disguised as both the 18K Triad and catering staff, led by Johnny Ratface. Winston was shot, and died holding the body of his wife. Later, Uncle Po got shot and was taken to hospital, where he died shortly after. Wei and Mrs. Chu (Winston's mother) would take vengeance on Ratface and Dogeyes, who were both responsible for the massacre, and Wei took over Winston's position as Red Pole of the Water Street Gang.

Nightmare in North Point

Winston, along with Jackie Ma's spirits, can briefly be seen in the Golden Koi after the completion of the Nightmare in North Point DLC, having been resurrected by the Jiang Shi. Neither man says anything, and both vanish in a flash of green light when Wei approaches.


Winston is brash, hot headed, and is very territorial and relies on brute force and intimidation. It is believed that his over aggressiveness stems from steroid use. Winston's intelligence prevents him from understanding and performing higher and profitable levels of crime, as a result he is desperate for power while consolidating his existing territory and is vigilant of traitors. However, because Winston has respect for Wei, he does hold back his brashness when Wei suggests a more intellectual approach.

However, Shen becomes a valuable ally to Winston who offers rational and tactical advice, easing not only Winston's brashness but also improving his standing in the Sun On Yee. Despite his roughness, there is a soft side to Winston towards his fiancée, mother and he will help out his gang at any cost, considering them family. He even offers Wei his condolences when he finds out that his sister, Mimi, is dead.

Despite his violent and brash personality, he does value loyalty above all else, and lectured Wei that anyone who is in the Triad for themselves will end up dead.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs

Murders Committed

  • Ming - Shot in the head after Wei convinced Winston that he was behind the incarceration of Popstar, leading Winston to believe Ming was still working with Dogeyes.



  • As seen in Mini Bus Racket, No Brothers by 24Herbs is Winston's ringtone.
  • The Wedding is the only time Winston is seen wearing a respectable outfit. It is the only time he is never seen inside or outside the Golden Koi or Club Bam Bam, not counting the garage where Wei kept Siu Wah and Uncle Po's office.
  • Uncle Po is the only mission Winston appears outside of cutscenes. Coincidentally, it is the final mission he gives to Wei.
  • Winston owns a silver Enterprise, used in both Uncle Po and Bride to Be. He owns a Ridge Sport as well, seen in The Wedding.
  • Winston is the only Red Pole of the Sun On Yee (Excluding Wei Shen) who doens't have a nickname.

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