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Vehicles are a feature in Sleeping Dogs. There are over 75 different vehicles ranging from motorbikes, cars and boats. Land vehicles are stored within parking garages and organized into classes, so long as they are purchased at a car dealer, or unlocked as a reward for meeting certain criteria, as stolen vehicles cannot be stored. They can also be delivered via Car valet, which is unlocked after achieving Face Level 4. Tire irons can be found in the trunk of a number of cars. A pump action shotgun is stored in the Police Car and Police/SWAT SUV, which can be obtained by unlocking the Police Trunk Key Police XP upgrade.



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Police Protection Pack

Deep Undercover Pack

Triad Enforcer Pack

Retro Triad Pack

High Roller Pack

Street Racer Pack

Community Gift Pack

Monkey King Pack

Law Enforcer Pack

Wheels of Fury Pack

  • DZS-90/Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Public Transport

Law Enforcement


Watercraft locations.

Sleeping Dogs has a surprisingly huge variety of marine transport:


  • All of the cars are right-hand drive, because cars in real-life Hong Kong are right-hand drive.
  • Most of the vehicles shown in the game resemble Japanese cars, possibly to match the Asian theme of the game, as Japanese cars are hugely popular in Asian countries.
  • Only three Class A cars resemble Japanese cars: Tuono (Lexus LF-A), Wangan GSX (Nissan GT-R), and Triad Enforcer Car (Subaru Impreza WRX STI). Note: excludes police variants of Wangan GSX.
  • The Car Valet can bring any cars you choose by selecting "TAB", "Y" or "triangle" at the garage screen. You can choose what car he brings at any garage.
  • While choosing a car in the garage, you can hear the Car Valet saying things like "I wish I could live your life, just for one day." or "I used to drive one of those, then I lost my job and long story short, here I am.".
  • You can listen to the police chatter in any police vehicle.