The reviews are in! And they're good, with metascores hovering around 80%. We always knew Sleeping Dogs was great fun, and we're ever so glad you agree. Critics have praised the complex story straight out of a Hong Kong movie, the sophisticated combat system, and the vibrant and dynamic open-world setting. Comparisons with other titles are always unavoidable, but it seems like we have nothing to envy to more established open-world franchises.

IGN: 8.5/10
"Sleeping Dogs has proven itself worthy of joining the top class of open-world sandbox games revolutionized by the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV and currently topped by more recent additions like Saints Row: The Third. But don’t be confused; Sleeping Dogs does some things better than even the cream of the crop, and its story will be what keeps you focused on playing. The fact that the game happens to play well is simply icing on the cake."

FMV Magazine: 5/5
"Those thinking of passing on this, and waiting for the fifth installment in Rockstar’s biggest franchise instead, would do well to rethink that course of action. Sleeping Dogs is a phenomenal experience that delves into the criminal underworld, blows it wide open, and takes the player on one hell of ride."

The New York Times "Sleeping Dogs adds plenty to the Grand Theft Auto formula, even when the new ingredients are themselves often pilfered from other games. The hand-to-hand combat — modeled partly on the fighting in the Thai film "Tom-Yum-Goong," released in the United States as "The Protector" — is addictive; the motorcycle and car chases are thrilling; and hijacking another vehicle by leaping onto its roof in middrive never grows old."

The Escapist: 4/5
"A solid open world crime game with a fully-realized setting and mechanics that support the theme of an undercover cop unsure of his loyalties, Sleeping Dogs has a lot to offer."

Destructoid: 9/10
"Sleeping Dogs is what happens when every part is the good part. Four years after the release of GTAIV, a developer has finally removed Rockstar's crown and placed it upon its own head. While I can't deny Saint's Row has better missions and GTA has a more detailed world and better driving, neither is as consistent and polished as Sleeping Dogs. Between its fantastic combat, shooting, presentation, storytelling, and RPG elements, Sleeping Dogs has just raised the demands for what it'd take for GTAV to get the throne back. Good luck, Rockstar."

Kotaku: YES
"Sleeping Dogs was an experience wholly unlike any other. Sure, it may feel like Grand Theft Auto, but with a focus on kung fu. It wouldn't be wrong to describe the game that way. But it is a narrow way to describe it. Because Sleeping Dogs is about so much more. It's about family, corruption, loyalty. It has the action of a Hong Kong kung fu film, but it has its heart, too."

G4TV: 4.5/5
"With a cast featuring big names like Lucy Liu, Emma Stone, and Tom Wilkinson, the cinematic direction of the story flows wonderfully, creating a pacing that kept me engulfed in what would happen next until the brutally-violent final act. Between the wonderfully acted story and the tight car and gunplay, Sleeping Dogs is an exceptional open-world crime drama that ups the ante for cinematic story presentations -- and execution moves -- in games."

Penny Arcade Report "United Front Games stopped the race for more and decided to go after "better" instead, and it was the right move. The game’s combat system is as fun on the 100th fight as it is the first, and the game presents the player with a well-told story filled with characters that seem real, if over the top. These people all grew up in the criminal world of Hong Kong, and that shared history is referenced in ways that feel natural. This is a lived-in world that didn’t pop into being when you hit start; it was there before the game began and will continue to carry on after the game’s conclusion."

PlayStation Official Magazine: 9/10 "This is the game Saints Row has spent a decade desperate to be, a rollercoaster open-world adventure set in an environment that's fun to explore and doss about in, packed to the brim with rousing missions and happy diversions and other amazing stuff. It’s unquestionably 2012’s most brilliantly brutal surprise, and you’re duty bound to check it out."

Official Xbox Magazine: 9/10
"Sleeping Dogs is a game of rich variety and strong personality that never gets boring over its ten essential hours - many more if you stop to check out the full and entertaining world. With constant rewards and meaningful mini-games, it never feels like it's wasting your time. It's shorter than GTA IV, for sure, but it's also much sweeter. The DLC can't come soon enough."

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