I'm Linus Spacehead, an administrator and bureaucrat here on the Sleeping Dogs Wiki.

Recently, I realized that my activity on this wiki has diminished over time, with me making a total of only 20 edits at the time of writing this blog this year alone as opposed to 382 or so edits I made in 2016. I am well aware that this will never be on the same level as the previous admins here or the founder for that matter, whom I have great respect for. That said, I personally believe that I have done what I can for this wiki and it's time I call it quits.

It certainly has been a lot of fun this past year and I have to admit that this was the first wiki I ever edited on. Despite not really communicating with many of you, it was still pretty good for my first taste of being an admin.

I suck at writing blogs but yeah, thanks to everyone for having me here.