Hello all,

I'm writing this blog to express my intention to adopt the wiki.

Firstly, the only "active" bureaucrat edits atleast once or twice a year, see here, I feel it is very important that a wiki always has atleast one active bureaucrat at all times.

Secondly, the wiki is a mess, pages are constantly being vandalized and I've went around reverting their edits a few times, the only way to prevent this is by blocking them, which I don't have the rights necessary to do so. If I were to adopt the wiki I could definitely clean up.

There are no active community staff members at all, the sole remaining administrator Leafsfanatic22 has not made a single edit since April 18th, 2013, with the community's support, I could definitely appoint some new active staff members for the wiki, which would help out a lot.

And on literal terms, I'm likely one of the only active contributors on the wiki, I have seen other contributors but they have only edited atleast once or twice, with the exception of Kirk Jason Beltran and a few others. I'm also quite decent at coding so I could definitely update the css.

That concludes just about everything I have to say, I'll keep this blog open for a week before making the adoption request.

This post is in no way out of disrespect for Marijus Pikelis, I just feel that somebody needs to take the reigns as bureaucrat.

Thank you.

Linus Spacehead (Hate Mail Goes Here) 07:12, April 30, 2016 (UTC)