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Triad XP is one of the three different ways to earn experience points in Sleeping Dogs. To maintain his cover as a Triad, Wei will have to partake in some heinous acts. Violent actions such as lethal kills (deadly environmental attacks) accrue Triad points. If the cops look down upon it, chances are it'll help you level up the Triad section. Racking up Triad points allows the player access to relevant upgrades, just like Police XP and Face XP.


  • Counters: Counter enemy attacks.
  • Strike Damage Bonus: Extra damage for all striking attacks.
  • Surprise Exchange: Lock on and press attack to roll over an enemy to face their back.
  • Melee Weapon Sprint Attacks: Unlocks the ability to perform powerful weapon attacks while sprinting.
  • Charge Kick Follow Up: Unlocks a quick follow up to the basic heavy attack thrust kick.
  • Melee Weapon Boost: Melee weapons do more damage and have more durability in combat.
  • Strike Resistance: The player takes reduced damage from enemy unarmed strikes.
  • Rising Kick: Perform a rising kick when knocked down.
  • Melee Weapon Resistance: The player takes reduced damage from melee weapons.
  • Counter Recovery: Wei recovers faster from a failed counter attempt.
  • Climbing Elbow Strike: Climb up your enemy and execute a devastating elbow smash.

Clothing Sets

There are three clothing sets in game that give you a bonus Triad XP.

Blue Lantern Set

Gives you 5% bonus Triad XP.

Red Pole Set

Gives you 10% bonus Triad XP.

Mountain Master Triad Set

Gives you 15% bonus Triad XP.

  • Couronne Puffy Vest
  • J. Jiggler Straight Leg Pants — two versions are available for purchase from Hang Sui in Central.
  • Achete Standup Boots — available for purchase in same Aspirazone store where you can get Couronne Puffy Vest.