Tiffany Kim
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Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Tiffany Kim
Status:  Determinant
Gender:  Female
Date of birth:  April 1, 1990
Date of death:  2012 (optional)
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Korean
Main affiliation:  Charlie Pang
Wei Shen
Club Bam Bam
Vehicle(s):  625 MHC
Businesses:  Karaoke Hostess
Voiced by:  Yunjin Kim

Tiffany Kim is a character in Sleeping Dogs. She is one of the potential girlfriends whom Wei Shen can date.



Tiffany worked as a hostess at Club Bam Bam, she often sang karaoke with customers and invited special guests into the VIP section of the club. Police reports reveal that Tiffany was under surveillance for her association with known triad, Sammy Chu. After bugging her cell phone, they discovered that she had romantic or sexual relationships with several other triads. It was suggested that Kim may be a possible candidate as a police informant. It was suggested that her past relationships could be used as leverage in convincing her, as this information would be harmful to her career and reputation.

At first, the club was under the protection racket of the Water Street Gang until the Jade Gang took over, during which Tiffany began dating one of Dogeyes' henchmen, Charlie Pang.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

Wei Shen visited the club to speak to the owner, Benny, who remained safe and protected in the VIP area. To get access, Wei approached Tiffany and charmed her, allowing him into the karaoke lounge and VIP area. After singing a song, and flirting with Wei, Tiffany gave him her phone number.

Later, Tiffany took Charlie Pang's gun at his request in order to hide it from the police. Keeping the gun in her purse, Tiffany panicked over what to do with it. She called Wei who promised to dispose of the gun without hesitation, to which Tiffany was very grateful of and felt relieved. Afterwards, Wei briefly dated Tiffany during which he sang karaoke at the club and the two engaged in a sexual relationship.

However, Tiffany later discovered Wei was seeing another woman known as "Not Ping". As a result Tiffany became instantly jealous, scornful and started dating other men herself. This caught Wei's attention, who proceeded to bug a nearby payphone to learn of her upcoming date and tailed her. Wei immediately scared off Tiffany's boyfriend by revealing his Sun On Yee status. Wei confronted Tiffany for her cheating, however Tiffany shot back the same argument, retorting that she knew of Wei seeing another woman. Wei tried to apologize and explained he never meant to hurt her. Tiffany, however, was appalled and offended by Wei's indiscretion and broke off their relationship.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs


  • Completing the date, Tiffany's Song, unlocks the locations of the Jade Zodiac Statues on the map.
  • The player can kill Tiffany after her last encounter because she is no longer marked as an essential.