The Funeral
Paying respect to Uncle Po.
Start Central Police Station
End Hong Kong Cemetery
Rewards HK $5000
Funeral Suit
Big Smile Lee, Editorial
Previous Next
Conflicted Loyalties Civil Discord
"Various bosses and friends gather to pay their respects at Uncle Po's funeral when the ceremony is interrupted by a large assortment of 18K thugs."
―Game description.

The Funeral is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


After Wei was informed over Uncle Po's death, Wei go to the police station to pick Jackie up. After that, take the closest car and drives to the designated waypoint and retrieve a funeral suit from the store.

After all is done, drive to the funeral. At the funeral, the Red Poles were there and notice the 18K have been watching them. They do not attack because Pendrew and HKPD cops were also there. However, Sonny comes and arrested by Pendrew. The cops then leave the funeral, leaving Wei and the others to fight against the attacking 18K members.

First of all, stay in the cover and kill all enemies on sight. Proceed forward and kill more enemies. You will encounter someone that armed with a grenade launcher. Follow the waypoint, and take him out from behind. Take his grenade launcher, and blow the remaining enemies. You can also switch to rifle bullets by pressing R3 to save grenades. After you take care of the enemies, go to the main entrance (don't forget to take the jade statue that is on your right). There will be more 18Ks arrive to kill you. But don't worry, as you can easily dispose them off with your grenades. Kill the last waves of enemies to complete the mission.

After the long shootout, Big Smile Lee demands to be the new chairman. But Wei, Jiang, and Pockmark tell him that they have to hold a proper election to restore stability and triads tradition. Lee then furiously warns them all not to vote against him.

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