Stick Up and Delivery
Start North Point Chop Shop
End Top Glamour Imports
Rewards HK $20000
Fake Cambria Watch
CI Report on Jackie Ma
Airbrushed Dragon Armored Van (Definitive Edition)
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Night Market Chase Mini Bus Racket
"Jackie, riding on Wei's coattails, contrives to hijack a shipment of valuable merchandise from some of Dogeyes' thugs on his never ending quest to become a real gangster."
―Game description.
Stick Up and Delivery is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Wei is slowly growing tired of being Winston's lackey and asks Jackie Ma if there is anything they can do to help move themselves up. Jackie informs Wei of a Dogeyes shipment of goods (watches) that are currently being transported. Wei shows reluctance, fearing the amount of protection around the shipment is too much, but Jackie says he knows the number of guards will be light.


Fight the Warehouse Guards

The mission begins with Wei and Jackie in a large white van. Follow the waypoint marker to the warehouse. Drive safely, unless you want to decrease your cop rating. If you destroy any property, your rating will be reduced. Try not to kill any innocents on your way either, since this can have a much bigger effect on your cop rating.

Once you arrive at the warehouse, several guards will be packing the van full of supplies. Fight them. A new enemy type is introduced called ‘the brawler’ whose attacks cannot be interrupted. After finishing off the first wave of guards, another wave will appear. The second wave of thugs can have

weapons, including knives and crowbars. Be careful and defeat them with counters and combos. Using weapons is also very effective against enemies. Be sure to pick any up if they are on the ground. They will help.

Pursue the cargo van

Despite destroying every thug in the warehouse, the goods still get away in a van. Give chase in the van of your own. As you follow and grow closer, other cars will get in your way to intercept you. Ram them off the road in order to pave your way to the cargo van. The mission can be failed if you stray too far from the van, so always try to keep it in your sights. You aren’t required to take out all of the cars to complete the mission, just the main cargo van.


Jackie and Wei make off with the goods. Just as things are getting cozy, the cops show up and attempt to run YOU off the road! You must escape the glowing red circle that appears on your mini-map to elude them. You can ram them off the road, or just attempt to outrun them. Once you get your distance, drive to Top Glamour Imports complete the mission!

Rewards: HK $20000, Fake Cambria Watch, CI Report on Jackie Ma, Airbrushed Dragon Armored Van (Definitive Edition)

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