Sonny Wo
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Sonny Wo
Status:  Incarcerated
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1974
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Big Smile Lee
Uncle Po
Vehicle(s):  White Bismarck
Businesses:  Pornography, Entertainment
Voiced by:  Chin Han
"That's me! Infamous and notorious! Glad you could come by. Ricky's told me all about you."
―Sonny introduces himself to Wei

Sonny Wo is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He is an associate of the Sun On Yee and business partner of Big Smile Lee.



Sonny was approached by Uncle Po, who formed an alliance with him. Po helped Sonny reach new heights, and in return, he would provide support in various Sun On Yee rackets, mainly pornography, prostitution and human trafficking, as well as giving Po a cut of his profits and aide in other areas. Wo worked mainly with Red Pole Big Smile Lee, who became the most rich and powerful Red Pole in the Triad due to Sonny's help. This alliance proved extremely profitable for both parties.

At some point Sonny attended Wallace Chung's yacht party. Sandra was also in attendance. Sonny offered to make the 16 year old a star in return for sleeping with an elderly man that Sonny was with while he watched, but Sandra declined. Sonny went on to make a similar offer to Vivienne Lu, who accepted. Sonny made Vivienne have sex with various people in order to advance her career. Amongst the people she slept with on Sonny's orders, was Sun On Yee member, and liaison between Sonny and Lee, Ricky Wong. Ricky and Vivienne went on to form a relationship, but this didn't stop Sonny from making her sleep with people.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

"To bring down the Sun On Yee, we have to take down the people who support them. Cut off the revenue sources, dismantle the network. This is how we hit them where it hurts."
―Raymond Mak

After Wei was formally initiated in the Sun On Yee, Raymond Mak instructed Wei to take down Sonny, rationalizing that he was one of the main revenue sources, which needed to be cut off.

Ricky Wong introduced Sonny to Wei Shen after Wei and Ricky saved Uncle Po from an assassination attempt at the hospital. After a brief conversation Wei is asked to show King, a major American record producer, around town. King and Wei spoke of how they both disliked Sonny on their way to a club. Unbeknownst to Sonny he had just missed out on the opportunity to supply some L.A. gangsters with drugs, which would have been very profitable. Instead Wei got the deal.

Wei is once again asked to meet with Sonny, after another brief conversation he asks Wei to pick up Vivienne as he and Ricky have business to discuss. He tells Wei that he can have sex with her if he wants, much to Ricky's annoyance. Later Sonny becomes worried that Vivienne may end up leaving him, he requests that Wei plant a camera and bugs in her apartment so he can keep an eye on her, he also hopes for the camera to record her having sex so that he can use it to blackmail her should he ever need to do so. Wei then gives a copy of the tape to Thomas Pendrew so that Wei can get Jackie Ma out of prison. Pendrew then uses the tape to blackmail Vivienne into testifying against Sonny.

"It will make you look so good to your bosses. They might even pat you on the head like an obedient dog. Right up until the time that I walk. Again."
―Sonny to Pendrew after he was arrested during Uncle Po's funeral

Sonny was arrested by Pendrew while going to Uncle Po's funeral, an action which infuriated Wei and the other Sun On Yee Red Poles, particularly Big Smile Lee.

It is unknown if Vivienne testified against Sonny or if the case was dismissed altogether after Pendrew himself was incarcerated in the Final Mission.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs


  • A source in an investigative news report describes him as having the personality of "week-old cat vomit."
  • Sonny is one of the few characters who never appear outside of cutscenes.