Siu Wah
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Siu Wah
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1981
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Jade Gang (formerly)
Water Street Gang
Businesses:  Drug manufacturing
Voiced by:  Vic Chao
"Motherfucker, I get paid by Dogeyes, but all my product goes to Big Smile Lee. You want to fuck with him?"
―Siu Wah to Wei Shen

Siu Wah is a character in Sleeping Dogs.



Siu Wah was the owner of a large drug manufacturing plant, which was run by Dogeyes Lin and the Jade Gang. Much of the profit from the manufacturing plant ended up in the pockets of Big Smile Lee, and ultimately, the dragon head, Uncle Po.

Unfortunately, Dogeyes was attempting to push his gang into the Night Market, which was territory of Winston Chu. Dogeyes even came and met Winston personally, but Winston reaffirmed the that the Night Market was his and that Dogeyes owned Wah and the warehouse.

The turf war between Dogeyes and Winston continued to escalate, to the point where Dogeyes shot up the Golden Koi, Winston's mother's restaurant. Although she was not harmed, a few customers were killed in the attack.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

"I want it burned to the ground. Siu Wah runs the operation. Put that fucker in a shallow grave!"
―Winston orders the Water Street boys to burn down the warehouse and kill Siu Wah

Winston decided to retaliate by destroying the drug manufacturing plant, and ordered the Water Street Gang to kill Siu Wah. However, Wei Shen convinced Winston to keep Siu Wah alive, so they could put him to work for the Water Street Boys. They, in turn, would give a larger cut of the profit to Uncle Po, hoping to gain his favour.

Wei and the Water Street Gang, after being involved in a gunfight, worked their way to Siu Wah, who ran, leading him in a wild chase through the burning warehouse. Wah attempted to escape with a police car, but Wei caught up to him, taking him to the bus depot.

"From tonight on, your partnership with Dogeyes is done! Take a ride with me. We can talk about the terms of our new partnership."
―Winston to Siu Wah

Wah was met by Winston, who informed him that his partnership with Dogeyes was done, and that he would work for Water Street instead. After Wei left, Conroy Wu, who was very suspicious of Wei, apologized for his animosity towards him. Kidnapping Wah was instrumental for Wei, as he proved his usefulness and trustworthiness to the gang.

Uncle Po later called Winston into a meeting. Winston was nervous that he might be killed for his actions against the manufacturing plant and against Wah, but Po was very lenient towards him, understanding that he was provoked by Dogeyes.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs