Sifu Henry Kwok
Sifu Kwok
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Sifu Henry Kwok
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1965
Home:  Hong Kong
Main affiliation:  Martial Arts academy
Businesses:  Martial Arts instructor
Voiced by:  James Lew
"I had hoped that you might have escaped Hong Kong. Its influences. Its problems."
―Kwok to Wei

Sifu Kwok is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He is a martial arts instructor, who owns a martial arts school in North Point.



At some point, Wei Shen used to be a student of the Sifu's, but he quit as he left for the United States.

Sifu Kwok owned a collection of twelve Jade Zodiac Statues, from the Song dynasty, which represented the 12 animals in the Chinese calendar. Sifu Kwok was proud of his collection, and it was very important to him. Unfortunately, a former student of his, corrupted by the triads, stole his collection. Sifu Kwok managed to recover the rat, but eleven of the statues remained missing.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

Wei was met in front of his apartment by Amanda Cartwright, who was attempting to find Kwok's martial arts school, as she desired to take Kung-fu lessons. Wei agreed to take her there, and they met with Kwok. Although Sifu Kwok was initially unimpressed that Amanda had read about his school in a tourist's guidebook, however, he agreed to teach them some Kung-fu after Wei revealed that he was a former student of Sifu Kwok's. Both Wei and Amanda practiced Kung-fu at the school.

"I try to steer them into the right direction. Especially the younger ones. But they all want to be Sun On Yee. Now I just train them in the ways of my art, try to teach them compassion and discretion, and pray for the best."
―Sifu Kwok to Wei and Amanda

After they were finished, Wei and Sifu Kwok discussed his stolen statues. He expressed great disappointment that all of his students wanted to be members of the Sun On Yee, and that, while he still attempted to steer them in the right direction, he had chosen instead to focus on teaching his students the art of Kung-fu. Sifu said goodbye to Wei and Amanda, assuming her to be his fiance, to which they both laughed.

Throughout the events of the game, Wei managed to find the missing statues scattered around Hong Kong. Every time Wei returned a statue, Sifu Kwok showed his appreciation by teaching Wei new moves, ultimately teaching him the final move, Dim Mak. On a special note, certain enemies are immune to the Dim Mak. If the player tries to counter these enemies' attacks with the Dim Mak, they will simply dodge it. Thus, the only way to counter them is with regular attacks.

"I have given you powerful tools. If they are not used well, surely I bear part of the responsibility."
―Sifu Kwok to Wei

Every time Wei returned a statue to Sifu Kwok, they discussed many things, such as Wei's family, his well-being, his career, and philosophy. After Wei had returned the last statue, Sifu was concerned in the way that Wei would use the martial arts skills that he had taught, only to be relieved when Wei cryptically hinted at his true career as an undercover officer, by mentioning that he would be "using these skills for justice."

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs


  • Sifu Kwok was voiced by Sammo Hung when the game was owned by Activision.
  • The Chinese words on Sifu Kwok's muscle shirt can mean 'old culture' or 'old language' in English.
  • Sifu (師傅) in chinese means "master", a title by which a martial arts instructor is known, especially by his students.
  • The name Kwok is most likely a reference to actor/stuntman Philip Kwok ( 郭追 ), a legendary Hong Kong martial arts star.
    • He starred in the pop culture relevant 'Five Deadly Venoms' as the #4 Venom (Lizard) and in 'Hard Boiled' as Maddog.