Shaolin Showdown is an extra repeatable mission that comes with the Martial Arts Pack.


  • Endless waves of enemies.
  • During this mission, Wei will be wearing the Shaolin Warrior Outfit.
  • In the Definitive Edition this mission ends after 40 kills and awards the Shaolin Warrior Outfit and the Wing Chun Decoration for your apartment.


  • This mission continuously gives Triad XP.
  • For every 5 enemies Wei defeats, he is given 25 health points.
  • Shaolin Warriors fight like Brawlers, but can also counter Wei's attacks, although this only applies to the first 9 monks. It is possible for Wei to grapple or tackle the remaining 31 monks in the Definitive Edition.
  • The mission ends either by dying or leaving the temple.
  • If the player leaves the temple, Wei will revert back to the clothing that he is wearing prior to starting this mission.
  • After maxing out the Triad XP Triangles, the mission will give no more XP.