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Wei Shen waking up in his Central Apartment Safehouse.

Safehouses are a feature in Sleeping Dogs. Wei has four safehouses, one in every district. Wei can sleep, monitor security cameras and do other interactive activities inside the safehouse. You can get away from the police when you enter any safehouse. Safehouses will be granted upon the completion of specific missions (though it has been revealed that the player can enter and use the safehouse before completing these missions).

A select amount of non-marked civilians offer Wei four decorative ornaments/items for each apartment. These can range from film posters to hot tubs, or even supposedly cursed objects.

Sometimes, players can unlock one of the safehouses without completing a specific mission just by entering the safehouse. For example if you enter the Kennedy Town Apartment, you'll see the objects are available to be interacted by a player, such as TV, bed, and wardrobe. Just go to sleep and the new apartment icon will be shown on the map/radar. Even though you can access everything from the apartment, the upgrades will not show up until you've completed the specific missions that unlock the safehouses.



  • North Point Apartment is the first safehouse Wei receives. It is very basic with a bed, bathroom, television and small kitchen all located within a foot of each other. DLC provides Wei with the police scanner.
  • Central Apartment is the second safehouse Wei receives. It is a plush apartment with several decorative items as well as a lot of space to roam in.
  • Aberdeen Houseboat is the third safehouse Wei receives. As the name suggests - this particular safehouse is near the river which stretches under the bridge and alongside Aberdeen. The houseboat is situated on the docks.
  • Kennedy Town Apartment is the last safehouse Wei receives. It resides in the upper-class Kennedy district and is arguably the most lavish and visually stimulating household. As with the other safehouses, a garage sits outside. Unlike the other safehouses, it is at the top of Wei's driveway.


You can find several updates for every warehouse, for more Details look at: Safehouse-Upgrades.