Roland Ho
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Roland Ho
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1963
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Businesses:  Loan Sharking.
Voiced by:  Robin Shou
"People always want to borrow. If they ever learned to live within their means, I'd be screwed."
―Roland Ho

Roland Ho is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He is a member of the Sun On Yee and head of its loan sharking operation.



Roland Ho was the head of the Sun On Yee's loan sharking operations. Roland would often collect on the debts if the borrower did not pay him back on time.

Roland was very hotheaded when he was young, and was always looking for a fight. He was ready to kill anyone who looked at him sideways.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

"Do you know Roland Ho? He has a business collecting debts. The other day, he told me he could use some help. It's quite lucrative, you know. Tell him I sent you."
―Uncle Po referring Wei to Roland

Wei Shen and Winston Chu were called to have a meeting with the dragon head, Uncle Po, after they, along with the rest of the Water Street Gang, destroyed Dogeyes Lin's drug manufacturing plant, as part of a continuously escalating turf war. While Winston feared that he may be injured or killed for his actions, Uncle Po was very lenient with Winston, understanding that he was provoked. Uncle Po referred Wei to Roland, telling him that Roland's jobs were quite lucrative, so Wei went to meet with him.

"I remember when I was like you. Always looking for a fight. Ready to kill anyone who so as much looked at me sideways. Here's a tip for you, kid. Don't take on a boss in your own Triad unless you know for a fact that someone else is going to back you up. Hierarchy is the only thing anyone cares about. Always have, always will."
―Roland Ho to Wei Shen

When Wei met Roland, he warned Wei that he would need someone to back him in the fight against Dogeyes, stating that hierarchy was the only thing that mattered to the Sun On Yee leaders. After Wei thanked him for the advice, Roland assigned Wei to collect money from Patsy Wing, who had had bad luck at Mahjong Poker, and thus owed him money. After a car chase, Wei managed to catch up with Patsy and hijacked her car. Patsy revealed that she had drugs in the back of the car, planted by Four Finger Wu, which could pay off her debt. After Wei pushed Patsy out of the car, he brought it back to the drop off point.

Wei continued to work for Roland over the phone, chasing down and collecting money from Samson Gao, Norbert Yang, Terrance, and Tommy Wu.

"I got a moron sequel. Samson Gao 2. Guy went even further into debt. Now he's ducking me once again."
―Roland to Wei

When Samson Gao went further into debt and refused to pay Roland again, he assigned Wei to, once again, track him down. However, Roland decided to go with Wei so that he could speak with him in person. After finding Samson in a park in Central, they chased him on to the middle of a pedestrian overpass. When they caught up to him, Wei tried to talk reason into Samson, but Samson committed suicide by jumping off the overpass.

"You know what, Roland? I'm out. When innocent guys start dying, that's it for me."
―Wei Shen

On the way back, Roland told Wei to go to Samson's house and see if he had life insurance and to talk to his widow, but Wei refused. He decided to cut all ties with Roland due to Samson's death and made him collect his debts himself, ending their partnership on a sour note.

Mission Appearances

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