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Ricky Wong
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Ricky Wong
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1977
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Sonny Wo
Vivienne Lu
Vehicle(s):  White Terre GT
Black Panzer
Voiced by:  Ian Anthony Dale
"There's more to this business than strong-arming street vendors."
―Ricky to Wei Shen on the activities of the Sun On Yee

Ricky Wong is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He is a member of the Sun On Yee. Ricky is the right hand man of Sonny Wo and acts as a liaison between Sonny and Big Smile Lee. He and Sonny are Lee's biggest backers. He also guards Uncle Po on occasion.



Ricky rose to become a well respected member of the Sun On Yee, so much so that he was hoping for a promotion to Red Pole. Instead however, he was made right hand man of important Sun On Yee associate Sonny Wo. Despite this lateral move, he remained loyal to the Triad.

At some point Sonny sent up and coming starlet Vivienne Lu to sleep with Ricky. Ricky gladly did, however he fell for Vivienne and the two started a relationship. Sonny continued to have Vivienne sleep with men in order to improve her career, and was open about it in front of Ricky. Ricky harboured his resentment for Sonny and continued to work loyally for him.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

Ricky is first seen outside of Uncle Po's apartment building when Winston Chu and Wei Shen are called to meet Po due to the recent conflict between Sun On Yee factions the Water Street Gang, led by Winston, and the Jade Gang, led by Dogeyes Lin. Once Wei exited the building unharmed, Ricky stated how he assumed the contrary.

After the wedding massacre, Wei calls Ricky to get Johnny Ratface's number. Ricky warned him against using Johnny but Wei was persistent so Ricky gave him the number. But unbeknownst to him, Wei planned to kill Johnny for his part in the murder of Winston and his bride Peggy Li.

Later, Ricky calls Wei asking him to meet him at K-Bar. Wei did but soon after his arrival Ricky called him again, telling him that the 18K Triad were trying to kill Uncle Po at the hospital. Wei proceeded to get to the hospital before clearing it of 18K members with Ricky. After a brief police chase Wei dropped Ricky off.

Ricky then introduces Wei to his boss, the infamous Sonny Wo. A big name in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, as well as a highly regarded Sun On Yee associate in partnership with Big Smile Lee. After the meeting Wei took record producer King out to a club. King was in town producing Vivienne's new single. A few days later, Ricky was once again with Sonny, as he was about to leave to pick up Vivienne, Sonny asked Wei to do it instead, saying Wei could sleep with her if he wished too, as he and Ricky had business.

After Sonny told Wei to plant a camera in Vivienne's apartment, Ricky shows up alongside Vivienne. The two were supposed to be at a premiere but got home early. Wei had to sneak past Ricky and escape the apartment without him knowing.

Ricky attended Uncle Po's funeral, after briefly paying his respects Sonny arrived and was arrested, this was the least of the Sun On Yee attendees worries however, as after the police left, the 18K attacked. Ricky and his fellow Sun On Yee members managed to survive the attack, due to a significant amount of help from Wei. After having his request to be made Dragon Head turned down Big Smile Lee stormed of with Ricky by his side.

Lee then attacked Wei's businesses, after fighting the attackers off Wei went to Ricky's apartment to convince him to stop supporting Lee. Ricky wrongly accused Wei of sleeping with Vivienne in response, however after Vivienne told him the truth, he regained his trust in Wei and stopped supporting Lee.

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