Cop XP is one of the three different ways to earn experience points in Sleeping Dogs. Gaining levels with these points allows Wei to unlock upgrades, just like with Triad XP and Face XP. In order to increase level and gain skill points in the Cop skill tree, Wei will have to take on the police cases and must avoid both property damage and civilian casualties during missions. On missions, the player starts with their potential Police XP reward completely filled. If they commit crimes, such as theft, damaging property or killing civilians, the player will receive less Police XP at the end of the mission.


  • Phone: Receive the phone.
  • Fast Disarm: Wei can disarm gun-wielding enemies without a struggle.
  • Slow Motion Follow Up: While holding a firearm, Wei can enter slow motion aiming after disarming an enemy or hitting them with a melee attack.
  • Recoil Compensator: Firearms have slightly reduced recoil, allowing faster follow up shots.
  • Increased Focus: Slow motion from vault shooting and disarming lasts longer.
  • Overpressure Ammunition: Firearms are loaded with +P rounds, giving you increased shooting damage.
  • Slim Jim: Use a slim jim to quickly break into cars without setting off the alarm or breaking the window.
  • Action Dismount: Wei can enter slow motion aiming while leaping from a vehicle at high speed while armed. By doing so, Wei automatically targets the vehicle's gas tank, which will explode when fired upon.
  • Action Hijack Reduced Heat: Performing an action hijack while being chased by police reduces Wei's heat level.
  • Increased Ramming Damage: All damage done when ramming another vehicle is increased.
  • Police Trunk Key: Wei can obtain firearms from the trunks of police cars.