Old Salty Crab
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Old Salty Crab
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1966
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Not Ping (niece)
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Broken Nose Jiang
Vehicle(s):  Limo (Broken Nose Jiang's)

Green 600 Coupe S

Businesses:  Chauffeur
Voiced by:  Tzi Ma

Old Salty Crab is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He is a member of the Sun On Yee, and works as Broken Nose Jiang's chauffeur.



He gained the nickname Salty Crab by eating a lot of salt crab for free at a restaurant. The restaurant owed him money that they couldn't pay, so they let him eat for free until they could pay him back. As Salty Crab grew old, his nickname changed to Old Salty Crab.

He knows a lot about Feng Shui and the supernatural, and touts his "Salty Crab Style" of action.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

Salty Crab first appeared in the mission "Meet the New Boss", where he told Wei to get into the limo to escape the police pursuit. Inside the limo, he told Wei to change his tone and informed him that he was speaking to Sun On Yee Red Pole Broken Nose Jiang.

He next appears in the mission "Bad Luck", where he helped Wei break into Two Chin Tsao's mansion and then directed him on how to destroy and/or move the appliances in Two Chin Tsao's mansion so that it appear that Two Chin's feng shui was bad.

Later on, in "Buried Alive", Salty Crab helped Wei by giving Wei a Jet 620V speedboat and a sub-machine gun complete with ammunition, as per requested, to take down 18K Triads chasing him down on his way to Magazine Island to save Jackie Ma, who was buried alive in a coffin under the sand. In the final mission, he is seen in Broken Nose Jiang's limo, recording Wei and Inspector Teng, who were discussing Wei's future for a short time.

Nightmare in North Point

Salty Crab appears in the "Nightmare in North Point" DLC. Salty was first seen with Not Ping, his niece, and also Wei Shen, after watching a movie, witnessing the emergence of the Jiang Shi. Later on, Salty Crab gave Wei advice about how to defeat both the Yaoguai and the Jiang Shi, by telling Wei about a magical tea and a peachwood sword.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs

Nightmare in North Point


  • During the mission Bad Luck, when Wei stole a Bisai city car, it is revealed that Old Salty Crab wanted to own a small car like Bisai, but somehow he hasn't got a chance to buy one, and for the time being he still owns a green (but partially rusted) 600 Coupe S classic sports car.