Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs - Nightmare in North Point
Full name:  Unknown
Also known as:  Not Ping
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Female
Date of birth:  1986
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Old Salty Crab (uncle)
Main affiliation:  Wei Shen
Businesses:  Ping's PC
Voiced by:  Celina Jade
"I'm the owner. I'm just not Ping."
―Not Ping introduces herself to Wei Shen

Not Ping is a character in Sleeping Dogs. She is a potential girlfriend Wei Shen can date. She is referred to as "Not Ping", since her real name is not revealed in the game.



Not Ping works at a local North Point electronics and hardware store, Ping's PC. She is an expert in high-tech electronics and in hacking security systems.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

Wei Shen visited the store at the direction of Raymond Mak to collect surveillance equipment, in order to watch over Winston Chu and the Water Street Gang. At first, Wei assumed her to be the owner of the store, asking if she is "Ping", to which she replied that, while she is the owner, her name is not Ping. After briefly flirting with Wei, she gave him the package along with her phone number.

Upon calling Not Ping up for a date, Wei Shen showed her his cell phone, displaying her contact information as "Not Ping." During their date, they went to a nearby park where Wei hacked a security camera for fun and to impress Not Ping. The two implicitly had sex at the conclusion of the date.

She later learned that Wei was seeing another woman, and left an angry voice mail on Wei's phone, breaking up with him. However, Not Ping changed her mind at the end of the message as she asked Wei to call her again.

Events of Nightmare in North Point

Not Ping was on a movie date with Wei Shen when she gets kidnapped by Smiley Cat. Wei fought through scores of the undead gathering resources to defeat Smiley Cat in the North Point Temple. Shortly after Smiley Cat's defeat, Wei left a bowl of noodles as an offering on Vincent's grave and continued his date with Not Ping. However, Not Ping's eyes glowed bright white, implying that she was possessed by Smiley Cat before his defeat.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs

Nightmare in North Point


  • After the player completes Impress Not-Ping, the location of security cameras throughout the city will appear in the mini map.
  • Not Ping is unavailable for a romance until after Wei has completed Tiffany's Song.
  • Not Ping is the only character out of the two girls who break up with Wei to ask him to call her straight after the relationship ended, hinting their relationship still continues.
    • This might also explain why Wei took Not Ping out on a movie date at the beginning of the Nightmare in North Point DLC, though the DLC is merely a horror spin-off and not canon to events after the main story.
  • In "Nightmare in North Point", it's revealed that Old Salty Crab is Not Ping's uncle.
  • Not Ping's voice actress, Celina Jade, is incorrectly listed as "Celia Jade" in the game's ending credits (only PS3 version confirmed).