North Point Apartment Interior

The North Point Apartment is an apartment accessible to Sleeping Dogs protagonist, Wei Shen.

The apartment is very basic and somewhat run down, with no fancy upholsterly or furniture. The apartment contains a bed, a bathroom with a useable toilet and sink, a kitchen with a useable refrigerator where buffs are availiable, and a TV for which Wei will use in missions, in which he can hack into local CCTV cameras and arrest certain individuals. It also has a wardrobe that Wei can use to change his clothing.

Also on the bed side table there is a family photo of Wei, Mimi and their mother when Wei was a child.


There are four upgrades purchaseable for the North Point Apartment. All of them can be found around the Night Market.

  • Pet Bird (HKD $1200)
  • Air Conditioner (HKD $4620)
  • Massive Sound System (HKD $9550)
  • Brand New Bed (HKD $5000)


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