Night Market Chase
Start Golden Koi
End Night Market
Rewards 270 DX
CI Report on Sam 'Dogeyes' Lin
North Point Apartment
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Vendor Extortion Stick Up and Delivery
"Ming, a street level drug dealer, is trying to leave Winston's organization, preferring Dogeyes instead. Find him and teach him a lesson, but don't kill him."
―Game description.
Night Market Chase is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Winston tells Wei about a former informant for him named - Ming, who has chosen the side of Dogeyes and the Jade Gang over Winston. Winston asks Wei to take care of Ming, and "convince" him to stick around for them. Before we can take care of Ming, we need to find out where he is.


Locate Kwan in the market

Ask Joey Kwan for Ming's location. Kwan can be found near his electronic vendor. Find him and ask him about Ming. Kwan says that Ming was just there, and was heading around the corner. Once Wei comes into view, Ming immediately books it.

Chase Ming

Chase after him through the streets! Run towards the stairs and use the vending machine to boost you up to the top. He'll run through a back alleyway before jumping back down onto the street again.
Keep up, if he gets too far ahead you could fail the mission. If he begins to lose your tail on him, keep an eye out for a timer on the left. It counts down from 20 seconds, and if the timer hits zero, the mission is over.

Ming will run into another back alley, jumping fences before closing one off. After throwing it open, he will run inside of a thug hideout. Five thugs guard its entrance. You will need to dispatch them before you can continue to chase Ming. There are plenty of environmental grapple locations, including a shutter, boxes, and an air conditioning unit. Once, the last thug is left, grapple him into the nearby dumpster. Ming is on the walkway above it, so use the dumpster to boost yourself up to him.

Ming will climb up to the top of the roof, where he and five other thugs are ready for a showdown. Ming has a big kitchen knife that can cause a lot of damage. Try not to get swarmed by all of the thugs at once. Ming will keep his distance, so it's a good idea to take out the thugs before approaching him. There are several environmental grapple opportunities here, so be sure to look out for them. Ming cannot be grappled, and the best method of dispatching him is countering his knife slashes and following it up with combos.

Ming gives in but fears Dogeyes' retaliation. Police storm the rooftop and arrest Wei.

Hong Kong Police Department

Wei Shen is arrested and interrogated by Jane Teng, who is unaware of Wei's undercover operation. Superintendent Pendrew overrides her interrogation and releases Wei.
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Once this mission is completed, you’ll gain access to the North Point apartment complex, where Wei can access wardrobe, watch surveillance feeds, get a drink, use the toilet, and sleep. After the Night Market Chase, more than one mission becomes available at the same time. Feel free to choose another Triad mission (located with the green icon) or a Police mission (located with a blue icon).

You'll also gain access to your motorcycle - the 270 DX - when you exit the apartment. Approach the man behind the parking garage counter to access your vehicles. As you leave to start your next mission, be sure to hit the Health Shrine that is immediate to the right as you exit the apartments.

Rewards: 270 DX, CI Report on Sam 'Dogeyes' Lin, North Point Apartment

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