Mrs. Chu
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Mrs. Chu
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Female
Date of birth:  1948
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Winston Chu - Son
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Water Street Gang
Businesses:  Golden Koi restaurant
Voiced by:  Irene Tsu

Mrs. Chu is the mother of Winston Chu. She is a formidable woman, curt and ruthless, she considers anyone not in her family as either a tool, inconvenience or enemy and she guides her son in all aspects of his life, including his criminal career.

Years before the events of the game, when Winston was still a child, Mrs. Chu often took in Sam "Dogeyes" Lin, Winston's friend, who would avoid his own home, as his father was abusive and his mother was dead. Dogeyes and Winston would often plan their next moves in Mrs. Chu's kitchen, who fed and encouraged them.

Mrs. Chu is the owner of the Golden Koi restaurant in which many members of the Water Street gang, including Winston himself, do their business out of her restaurant. In the early stage of the game she can be seen in the kitchen barking orders at her employees.

Eventually Winston and Dogeyes became bitter rivals, their rivalry eventually ends with Dogeyes ordering his subordinates, led by hitman Johnny Ratface, to murder Winston on the day he is to marry his girlfriend Peggy Li, while disguised as the 18K Triad to draw suspicion away from his activities. After Winston and Peggy are both killed in the wedding attack, Mrs. Chu sends Wei Shen to find Ratface and bring him to her for questioning. After doing so Ratface reveals to Mrs. Chu that Dogeyes was the mastermind of the wedding massacre, before she kills him with her meat cleaver. Soon after she sends Wei once more to kidnap Dogeyes as well, which he successfully does after brutally beating him in a one on one fight. Once Dogeyes is brought to her restaurant Mrs. Chu first feeds Dogeyes pieces of Johnny Ratface's corpse before dismembering him with her meat cleaver in revenge for the death of her son.

When the civil war in the Sun On Yee and their war against the 18K intensifies, Mrs. Chu informs Wei of the 18K attacking the restaurant. Wei and the Water Street Gang, minus the missing Jackie, gets to Golden Koi on time and successfully fends them all off.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs

Murders Committed

  • Johnny Ratface - Dismembered and put in a soup for leading the attack on Winston and Peggy's wedding resulting in their deaths.
  • Sam "Dogeyes" Lin - Fed with the ear bone of Johnny Ratface and then dismembered with a meat cleaver for masterminding the wedding attack that resulted in her son's death.
  • Unnamed 18K Member - Chopped in the back with a meat cleaver when he becomes distracted while holding his gun on Wei Shen. 


  • Overall, Mrs. Chu appears as a caring, sweet and sentimental woman but can be extremely vicious, putting even most intimidating triads to shame. Even Johnny Ratface, a known lunatic and infamous for leaving marks on his associates consciences at the extent of his crimes, was cowering in Mrs. Chu's presence, begging Wei to let him go.
  • Mrs. Chu never speaks English in the game, only communicating to the other characters in Cantonese. However, she is shown to understand English perfectly when Wei talks to her. Mrs. Chu does however, send Wei a text message in English part-way through the mission, Civil Discord. It could be that she either has a preference for Cantonese or is not confident speaking English. However, Wei consistently understands her messages, despite him only talking to her in English.
  • Mrs. Chu can be seen in the Golden Koi during free-roam.
  • In Civil Discord, Mrs. Chu texts Wei that the 18K are attacking the Golden Koi. This means she has a phone and confirms her literacy in English.
  • The only time she changes clothes and wear a respective outfit is in her son's wedding.
  • After the wedding, she will still be in the Golden Koi, but all her employees are gone and she sits on a chair in mourning the death of Winston and his girlfriend, Peggy.
  • The Wedding is the only time when she was seen outside the Golden Koi.


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