The Movit is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. It is based on the Toyota HiAce. The Movit Van has a few variants, including roofed-pickup versions carrying chicken or wooden barrels, as well as the Airbrushed Dragon Armoured Van, which is available from the 'Retro Triad Pack'.

The Movit is powered by a diesel engine (notable through its engine sound), just like real-life Toyota HiAce (which is powered by a 3.0L diesel engine).


  • The name "Movit" is basically made up of the words "move" and "it" which explains the function of the van: to move people or property.
  • The Movit comes in two colors; white- which is more common on the streets, and brown- which appears only on some missions.
  • Tran owns a regular white Movit, which was borrowed by Wei Shen and Jackie Ma in the mission Stick Up and Delivery. Unlike the other vans, This Movit has shiny rims on it's wheels. However, it functions completely identical like a regular Movit.
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