Mimi Shen
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Mimi Shen
Status:  Deceased
Gender:  Female
Date of birth:  1974
Date of death:  2010
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Wei Shen (Brother)
Margaret Shen (Mother)

Sam Lin (Former Boyfriend)

Main affiliation:  Dogeyes Lin
Ming Ming Trin
"Growing up in Old Prosperity, she started down a particular road and couldn't get off of it."
―Wei Shen to Peggy Li in the mission Bride to Be

Mimi Shen is an unseen character in Sleeping Dogs. She is the older sister of Wei Shen, and the daughter of Margaret Shen.


Mimi spent much of her time with Dogeyes Lin, who later introduced her to drugs. Mimi became addicted to heroin and resorted to prostitution to pay for her addiction, which led to her sexual relationship with Dogeyes. Wei once stabbed Dogeyes with a pen in the Old Prosperity Projects for spending too much time with her.

Mimi spent much of her time with Triad gangs for access to drugs, however she was severely mistreated by gangsters who would beat and rape her. The trauma of abuse led to her attempt to commit suicide.

Her mother decided to move the family over to San Francisco in an attempt to break Mimi's drug addiction. Mimi was reviewed by a social case worker who attempted to send her into rehabilitation. She was unable to combat her drug habit and continued to associate with criminals and drug dealers. She became affiliated with a drug dealer, Ming Ming Trin, who supplied her with a lethal dose of heroin which led to her death. This would serve as the catalyst for her brother's personal vendetta against the Triads and soon after, he brutally tortured and murdered Trin as an act of vengeance.

Her brother Wei, was later selected by Thomas Pendrew to come back to Hong Kong and participated in the plain-clothes anti-tong task force to take down the Sun On Yee. However, Raymond Mak, Pendrew's right hand man, considered him an unsuitable candidate because of his personal vendetta with the triads and what they did to Mimi.