K-Bar is a location in Sleeping Dogs. K-Bar is a popular nightclub in Central, it also has a karaoke room. It's seen numerous times throughout the game: first seen when Ricky Wong asks Wei Shen to meet him there, though Ricky calls Wei again to tell him to get to the hospital. K-Bar is seen again when Wei takes King there. While finding girls for himself and King, Wei meets a club employee named Ilyana, the two begin a relationship and Wei meets her again a few times at the club. His investigation in a human trafficking ring also leads him here.

The K-Bar is located in the Soho district of Central, it's marked on the map with a Karaoke icon.

Similar to Wei's Safehouses and Club Bam Bam, the player can also lose his/her wanted level by entering here.

K-Bar was known as X-Club in True Crime: Hong Kong.

Mission Appearances

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