Jane Teng
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Jane Teng
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Female
Date of birth:  1986
Place of birth:  Hong Kong
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Main affiliation:  Hong Kong Police Department
Voiced by:  Kelly Hu
"You know you don't have to throw away your life like this."
―Inspector Teng to Wei Shen

Inspector Jane Teng is a police officer in the Hong Kong Police Department. She is one of the officers aware of Wei Shen's identity. She has a vendetta against the triads.



Teng is proud, and while she knows that she sometimes has to compromise, Teng finds it difficult to do so with good grace. The politics of the force continuously frustrates her and she is convinced that her boss, Superintendent Pendrew, doesn’t like her. She suspects that is why she had been passed over for promotion recently.

She doesn’t feel too bad when habitually violent thugs get hurt. On the other hand, Teng does have a soft spot for criminals who do less harm and are themselves victims, such as prostitutes and drug addicts though she tries to maintain a stern professional façade.

In her personal life, Teng is caring for her elderly father – a retired officer who frets about what she gets up to but is also pleased by her successes. Long ago she made the decision that she wouldn’t have a family of her own, that she would focus on her career.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

Teng wanted to detain Wei Shen at the end of Night Market Chase, assuming that he was just a triad enforcer. However, Pendrew came onto the scene, telling Teng to release Wei, and revealed his true identity to her.

Throughout the game, Teng assigned Wei with four cases that she wanted him to resolve. The cases she assigned involved taking down a Sun On Yee ketamine dealer, investigate murders in the street racing scene , investigating the work of a serial killer, and investigating the kidnapping of a K-bar hostess.

Teng also spoke with Jackie Ma during his time in prison, in an attempt to convince him to stop participating in illegal activity, as well as to become an informant, which failed.

"Yeah, but which Hong Kong...officer?"
―--Teng to Wei, when Wei told her that Hong Kong feels like home.

Events of Year of the Snake

Shortly after Wei's completion of his undercover assignment, Teng received complaints from HKPD officials of his conduct throughout the investigation, making it difficult for Teng to welcome Wei into the HKPD ranks.  As a result, the only way for Teng to successfully recruit Wei back into the HKPD ranks is to assign him as a patrol officer.  Later into Wei's assignment on the eve of Chinese New Year, Teng participates in an interrogation of a cultist member, whose entire group's plot is to set off bombs throughout the city.  Teng eventually gets a lead on the whereabouts of the cult leader, providing boat transportation for Wei during the raid.  The two are successful in arresting the cult leader, leaving the Chinese New Year's celebration uninterrupted.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs