Start Central Hospital
End North Point rest area
Rewards HK $100000
Aberdeen Houseboat
Casefile - Howard "Two Chin" Tsao
Previous Next
Final Kill Dockyard Heist
"Wei is summoned to Uncle Po's hospital bed, and with the help of the Sun On Yee incense master, Pockmark Cheuk, Wei is about to be formally initiated into the group, along with Jackie and a few other recruits."
―Game description.
Initiation is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


At the hospital, the Red Poles are gathering to visit Uncle Po who is gradually recovering from his injuries. Wei then comes and asks Uncle Po about his condition. Uncle Po tells Wei to stop his feuds with Big Smile Lee that recently happened, and that they must be united against their true enemies. Uncle Po then nominates Wei to be a Red Pole for his loyalty. Pockmark then gives a task for Wei to kill a drug dealer named Yung Lee On, who is formerly working for the Sun On Yee as a part of his initiation. Pockmark also allows Wei to bring along his friends who are not officially initiated.

Pockmark then asks Uncle Po about who's going to be the temporary chairman until he recovers. Uncle Po then suggests Pockmark be the temporary chairman since he was his good friend. But Pockmark humbly declines the position. Big Smile Lee attempts to volunteers himself to be the temporary chairman, but Broken Nose Jiang interferes and suggests his nephew, Two Chin Tsao to be the temporary chairman. Two Chin accepts the position and Wei takes off to do the initiation task.


Call Jackie and meet him in a massage parlot. An empty taxi is placed just outside the hospital, and Wei will not be penalized for theft if he drives it to Jackie's location. After telling Jackie that they will be initiated, Wei may choose to get a massage, which will allow him to fill his Face Meter more quickly when he fights Yung.

Drive the Sparc to the Galleria. Wei and Jackie can enter the Galleria from the front entrance, or they can enter it from the Martial Arts club nearby. Either way, the two will have to fight Yung and his people. Beat up everyone then go for Yung himself. Yung is not so difficult and can easily be defeated by countering his attacks and retaliating with a combo.

Yung and Wei will fight against each other until Yung decided to pull his handgun. But Jackie shoots him before he can pull the trigger. Drive the Sparc to the initiation ceremony, which is where the mission ends. Pockmark will begin the ceremony and officially initiates Conroy, Duke, and Jackie to the Sun On Yee.

Wei goes to Aberdeen after the ceremony to meet with Raymond, who tells him to investigate Sonny Wo next, and that on Pendrew's orders, the police will be taking Jackie in. Wei voices his disagreement with Pendrew's order and goes to sleep in his newly acquired houseboat.


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