Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Ilyana
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Female
Date of birth:  1987
Place of birth:  Russia
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Russian
Main affiliation:  Wei Shen
Vehicle(s):  Silver Drag 979
Businesses:  Hostess
Voiced by:  Megan Goldsmith

Ilyana is a character in Sleeping Dogs. She is a possible girlfriend in which Wei Shen can date. Going out with her unlocks the locations of lockboxes on your minimap.


Events of Sleeping Dogs

After growing up in Russia, Ilyana moved to Hong Kong where she works as a hostess at K-Bar. She meets Wei during the mission Important Visitor when Wei takes King to the bar. Upon scaring some perverted guys away from her she gives Wei her phone number and goes to entertain King. 

Should Wei choose to call Ilyana, they meet at K-Bar after Ilyana finishes her shift. Ilyana reveals her hobby: it is free running and challenges Wei to make her sweat. Upon winning the race with her, Wei finds another way to make her sweat as the camera pans away.

Ilyana's final appearance is during Case Four: Kidnapper. She calls Wei in tears as her friend Katushka is missing. Ilyana reveals that a man by name of Mr. Chen used to consider Ilyana as his favourite client. After tracking down a suspect, Wei challenges Yar Kwai Lai to mahjong and during the 4th hand bets Ilyana, but loses intentionally (if you accidentally win, you still can sell her as part of the sting). After which, Wei calls Ilyana and reports his status in finding Katushka.

Wei then proceeds to meet Ilyana at the docks while planting a tracking device on her, before handing her over to Yar Kwai Lai. During Wei's conversation with Yar Kwai Lai, it is revealed that Ilyana has trouble with immigration. Yar Kwai Lai then proceeds to take Ilyana onto a boat.

Wei follows the boat before its GPS signal disappears mysteriously. Upon reaching her last known GPS location, Wei finds an underground sewer entrance and proceeds to locate Ilyana who is locked in a cage.

Upon releasing her, Ilyana and Katushka take a boat and drive away. However before leaving she tells Wei that he is the most decent gangster she knows.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs


  • In Case Four, it is revealed that Ilyana owns a motorcycle (a Drag 979 high-performance naked bike) and can drive a boat.