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Hong Kong Police Department logo

The Hong Kong Police Department (Cantonese: 香港警務處), or HKPD, is the primary police force in Hong Kong. It plays an important role in Sleeping Dogs as the protagonist, Wei Shen, goes undercover for the police to infiltrate the Sun On Yee.

Besides Wei Shen's undercover work, the HKPD has a significant uniformed presence, with officers and patrol cars being a common sight. Police is also seen on seemingly desolated islands if the player has triggered the heat level.


  • Wei Shen - Chief Inspector
    Beat Cop (Short time demotion)
    SDU (Small time)
    PTU (formerly)
  • Thomas Pendrew - Superintendent (Formerly/Incarcerated)
  • Jane Teng - Police Inspector
  • Raymond Mak - Chief Inspector
    Superintendent (possibly)
  • Charles Ho - Undercover police officer (Deceased)
  • Tommy Wu - PTU Lieutenant



The HKPD use a number of vehicles:
Hk pd hwp

HKPD Highway Patrol


  • 9mm Pistol (Carried by police officers)
  • Pump Action Shotgun (Carried by heat level 4 police officers. Obtainable from police car trunks with Trunk Key Cop Upgrade)
  • Machine Pistol (Carried by level 4 police officers. Used during chases on vehicles and boats)
  • .45cal SMG w/ Taclight (Carried by HKPD SWAT at heat level 5)
  • SWAT Assault Rifle (​Available in the 'High Speed' mission)
  • Shock Pistol (Available on all Police Outfits after downloading the Year of the Snake Pack)

Heat Levels

The heat levels indicate the wanted level of the player after committing crimes, it also appears during certain parts of the missions. The number of police dispatched to track down the player and the use of firepower increases with the heat level, with a maximum level of 5. The heat level is shown as a number at the top left hand corner of the HUD. Heat levels will disappear after the player has escaped from the police radar (a blue circle shown in the mini-map), or by entering the safehouses, Club Bam-Bam and the K-Bar. If the player is arrested by the police, he will respawn outside the police station in the neighbourhood he was arrested, and be charged a bail of up to HK$25,000. The Inconspicuous Bonus Set outfit and the Plainclothes Detective Outfit (Available from Deep Undercover Pack) can reduce the heat level when on foot. A brief description of the heat levels are as follows:

Level 1:

Triggered by car theft or vandalism, attempting to steal a Police Car that is driven by a police officer, shooting, assault or killing of pedestrians when witnessed by the police, assaulting police officers or ramming on police vehicles, Using the DZS-90's EMP on a Police Car.

Consequence: Police on foot and police cars will chase after and arrest the player.

Level 2:

Triggered by continuously performing crimes in level 1, wielding a firearm or stealing a police vehicle as witnessed by the police.

Consequence: Police will draw out their pistols and will continue chasing the player. They will fire their guns if the player wields a firearm or enters a vehicle.

Level 3:

Triggered by continuously performing crimes or performing any violent actions against the officers in Level 2.

Consequence: Police vans are dispatched. Even if the player did not wield a firearm or enter a vehicle at Heat Level 2, they will use their guns on you.

Level 4:

Triggered by continuously performing crimes in Level 3, or stealing the Knox Van for sale.

Consequence: Police in navy-blue uniforms and jeeps are dispatched to track down the player with the use of Machine Pistols and Shotguns. They will also shoot the player from their vehicles. Barricades made by Police Jeeps are set up on roads. SWAT vehicles are also dispatched if the player steals the Knox Van.

Level 5:

The highest heat level. Triggered by continuously performing crimes in level 4, or stealing the Knox Van for sale.

Consequence: Police SWAT and armored vehicles are dispatched to track down the player with the use of the .45cal SMG. Barricades made by Police Jeeps are set up on roads. If the player is in water, coast guard boats driven by SWAT are dispatched.


The SWAT is the special force that appear in Sleeping Dogs. They appear when heat level 5 is triggered. Apart from the SWAT Jeep and the armoured SWAT Van, they are also seen patrolling on inflatable boats and coast guard boats. In real life, the equivalent of SWAT in the HKPD is called the Special Duties Unit (特別任務連), or SDU, commonly known as 飛虎隊 (the Flying Tigers). It was formed in 1974 and had its training scheme modeled after that of the British SAS.

Apart from the SWAT, an unnamed police unit wearing navy blue uniform and beret also appears in Sleeping Dogs. Their armament is similar to that of the SWAT though with slightly less firepower and only drives the Police Jeep. The unit might be modeled after the Police Tactical Unit, or PTU (警察機動部隊, or simply 機動部隊), which is also referred to as the 'Blue Berets' (藍帽子). While the player often mentions the PTU when answering to the radio during SWAT missions, it should be noted that the PTU is another police unit with different functions, that is to complement the police constables, and in some occasions, to serve as riot police. In addtion, the police unit wearing navy blue uniform in real life are the ASU (Airport Security Unit) and the Navy Police.


HKP logo

Hong Kong Police Force logo in real life

  • The Hong Kong police in real-life is called the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF), rather than the Hong Kong Police Department (HKPD) name used in-game, adding an element of fictionality, as the HKPF did not want their representation in-game.
  • The Hong Kong police in real-life rarely uses four-wheel vehicles (other than PTU) to catch regular street criminals, they rely on policemen on foot considering Hong Kong's dense population where it's hard to drive vehicles through narrow streets and alleyway.
  • The cap badge of HKPD is similar to Royal Hong Kong Police (Cantonese: 皇家香港警察) badge.
  • The in-game Police are somewhat balanced compared to Civilians, Strikers and Brawlers combined and Grapplers. Wei Can tackle them much like Civilians, Strikers and Brawlers; however he cannot Grapple Police officers similar to Grapplers, although unlike Grapplers who will attempt to stomp on Wei, Police officers will simply Knock Wei to the ground. In both instances, Wei will earn himself a Heat level for assaulting a Police Officer.