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Overview of Hong Kong

Hong Kong (香港) is the setting of Sleeping Dogs. The city is not geographically mapped, but tuned for gameplay, as its purpose is for gamers to enjoy a living playground and opportunities for fighting, driving and shooting.

Even though it's not what it looks like. Hong Kong is in south China next to Guangdong Province, next to the city Shenzhen.

Hong Kong is a big island, in reference to the real Hong Kong. There is a big part for boat racing missions. The city is also very dense and heavily crowded (which makes free running sequences come to life). There are many ways to spend time in Hong Kong. Some activities include: shopping, buying improvements for safehouses, visiting gambling dens, watching cockfights, going to massage parlours and doing karaoke.


Hong Kong Island is divided into four neighbourhoods:

Differences with real-life Hong Kong

  • The in-game version only includes Hong Kong island. Thus, the boroughs of the New Territories (新界) and Kowloon do not exist in-game. Even then, only four neigbourhoods of Hong Kong Island are featured in the game.
  • Adding to the above, although Hong Kong island is the setting, it is not modeled geographically, an example being the location of North Point being in a different location in-game. The overall land size is also smaller. This is most likely done due to the limitations of consoles at the time the game was being developed.
  • The Hong Kong MTR subway does not exist in-game.
  • Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Disneyland do not make an appearance, as Lantau island and the reclaimed piece of land the airport resides on does not exist in-game.
  • Comparing to Hong Kong in real-life, the in-game's population is nowhere near as dense especially in crowded cities such as North Point. This may due to game's graphical limits to create numerous interactive NPCs that roam freely.


  • United Front Games once wanted to add all the boroughs into the game, but it was deemed impossible.