Face XP is one of the three types of experience points in Sleeping Dogs. The higher Wei's Face Level, the more charismatic and respected he is, giving him access to higher quality clothing  and higher class vehicles

Look out for the 'Favor' missions (yellow spots with 'a person' symbol on map) scattered throughout the streets of Hong Kong. They are missions given by civilians; they may also appear randomly in-game, even while on a mission. Completing these various tasks will increase the Face XP progress bar.

Fighting in martial arts clubs, racing and seducing are additional ways to earn Face XP. These methods are found via the map or through contacts on Wei's phone. Face experience is also rewarded by fighting thugs in the 'Drug Bust' missions.

Accessories such glasses, chains, bracelets and watches can give substantial Face XP Bonuses when cumulatively worn.

You begin the game at Face Level 1 with a first perk : "Face Meter Unlocked". Each time the Face level progress bar is full, Wei reaches the next Face Level higher quality clothing and vehicles are unlocked.

Note: Dai Lo is the 10th (and the last) perk to be unlocked (Face Level 10); it applies a 40% Discount Bonus in all official shops. However when Face Level 5 is reached, a 20% Discount Bonus (in addition with 'Toughness' perk) is applied; both of these Face level bonuses are combinable with a 'Business' outfit one (Bargain Hunter, All Business and Master Negotiator). A good opportunity to make good deals! But be careful: the Face Level 5 Discount Bonus vanishes as soon as Face Level 6 is reached!


  • Level 1: Face Meter Unlocked: Filling this meter in combat intimidates enemies and regains lost health.
  • Level 2: Fine Food & Drink: The regenerative effects of all food items lasts twice as long, herbal tea is twice as potent and energy drinks are 50% more effective. (unlocks Minor Face)
  • Level 3: Disarm: While the Face Meter is activated, Wei can disarm melee weapons by grappling or countering an enemy.
  • Level 4: Car Valet: A lackey will bring you your car, anytime, anywhere. (Valet number added to Wei's contact list)
  • Level 5: Toughness: While the Face Meter is activated, Wei takes reduced damage from attacks. (unlocks Gaining Face)
  • Level 6: Extra Special Massages: Massages do 50% more to build your Face Meter up.
  • Level 7: Uninterruptible: While the Face Meter is activated, Wei’s attacks are uninterruptible.
  • Level 8: Everything Just Got Better: Regeneration from food lasts three times longer. Energy Drinks, Herbal Tea and Massages are twice as effective. (unlocks the ability to purchase all vehicles and clothing)
  • Level 9: Unstoppable: While the Face Meter is activated, Wei’s attacks do more damage, enemy class bonuses are disabled and Wei can Ground ‘n Pound.
  • Level 10 (Final): Dai Lo: 40% Discount when buying cars, clothes, massages, food and beverages (not applicable to vending machines). (unlocks Great Face)

Face Meter

The Face Meter is the yellow gauge on the right side of the mini-map. It can affect the amount of damage Wei can inflict. It is combinable with Face Level damage increases. All attacks increase the Face Meter, but heavy and special attacks increase it more quickly. Conversely, if Wei is struck by enemies, the Face Meter will decrease. When the Face Meter is fully charged, a sound effect is played and a filter is applied to the screen. During this time, Wei's health will regenerate, and enemies will be intimidated while the Face Meter decreases rapidly over time. In addition, special perks may be unlocked depending on Wei's Face Advantages level.

Dealing damage while the Face Meter is active will continually recharge it, so it is advantageous to stay on the offensive