Sam Lin
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Sam Lin
Also known as:  Dogeyes
Status:  Deceased
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1981
Place of birth:  Hong Kong
Date of death:  2012
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Mimi Shen (Former Girlfriend)
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Jade Gang
Vehicle(s):  Red Wangan GSX
Businesses:  Drugs Trafficking, Protection, Bus Routes
Voiced by:  Ron Yuan
"Wake up, little brother! It's not like I put that needle in her arm. You can't take this stuff personally, Wei. It was business, you know what I'm saying?"
―Dogeyes to Wei

Sam "Dogeyes" Lin is the tertiary antagonist in Sleeping Dogs. He is a Sun On Yee Red Pole and the leader of the Jade Gang.



Dogeyes grew up poor in the Old Prosperity Projects, but compensated by always making sure he was the coolest guy around, and was bold in nature, so he was never afraid of challenging his rivals.

Growing up, Dogeyes was best friends with Winston Chu. They’d often plan their next moves in the kitchen of Winston’s mother, where she fed and encouraged them. In contrast, Dogeyes avoided his own home; his mother was long dead and his father abusive. Unfortunately, Dogeyes always resented his friend.

Dogeyes spent much of his time with Mimi Shen. Wei Shen, her brother, was always suspicious of him, once stabbing him with a pen for spending too much time with her.

A charming sociopath, Dogeyes joined the Sun On Yee as a ‘professional boyfriend.' He dated pretty girls from the estate, got them hooked on drugs, and then made them into his prostitutes. This earned him the attention of Big Smile Lee, a boss in the Sun On Yee triad, and Dogeyes soon became fully initiated into the gang, eventually becoming a Red Pole. Dogeyes and his gang later form an alliance with Big Smile Lee to gain advantageous protection and starts doing errands for him.

Dogeyes, continuing to spend time with Mimi, later hooked her on drugs, and used her sexually before turning her into one of his prostitutes. The Shen family later moved to San Franciso, California, in the hopes of living a better life. However, Mimi later over-dosed and died due to her inability to kick the drug addiction after taking a fatal dose of heroin dealt by Ming Ming Trin, causing Wei to forever blame Dogeyes and ultimately the Sun On Yee for her death.

Dogeyes and Winston eventually drifted apart and a rift formed between them; they began conflicting over territory. It was established that Winston owned the Night Market, and that Dogeyes owned Siu Wah and a drug manufacturing plant. However, Dogeyes was not happy with this arrangement and started to push in on the Night Market's profits and territory. This conflict caused death on both sides, resulting in profit lost and Sun On Yee businesses being damaged.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

"We can share the Night Market, huh? We're both Sun On Yee, both grown men. We shouldn't be fighting like children."
―Dogeyes attempts to pitch his idea to share the Night Market

After Wei was hazed by Conroy Wu, Duke, and Vincent, Dogeyes decided to personally visit Winston. After meeting Wei, he bragged about how he used Mimi sexually, even though he knew that Wei was her brother. Dogeyes attempted to pitch the idea of sharing the night market to Winston, rationalizing that they shouldn't be fighting like children. However, Winston quickly shot down the idea, and after he reaffirmed that he owned the Night Market, Dogeyes left, remarking Wei to say that "he hasn't changed."

The fight between Dogeyes and Winston continued to escalate; After Winston stole Dogeyes' minibus route, he retaliated by shooting up The Golden Koi, killing a few Sun On Yee members. Winston again escalated the conflict by taking over the drug manufacturing plant and kidnapping Siu Wah, forcing him to stop working for Dogeyes.

Dogeyes, with backing from Big Smile Lee, ordered Johnny Ratface and the rest of his gang to pose as 18K Triad members and murder Winston and Peggy, under the guise of a rival gang attack. The attack resulted in the death of both Winston and his bride, Peggy, as well as Uncle Po being shot. Wei managed to escort Uncle Po out of the banquet hall safely and get him medical attention.

Shortly after the massacre, Wei captured Johnny Ratface, and, as per request, he was handed over to Mrs. Chu. Johnny told Mrs. Chu that Dogeyes had planned the attack, before he was killed, chopped up, and put into a soup.

"Wei, if you have a problem with me, then let's sort it out ourselves, okay? Let's not bring her into this!"
―Dogeyes pleads for his life before being murdered by Mrs. Chu

Wei later found Dogeyes and chased him through the docks; Dogeyes had his men try to kill Wei, but he beat them. Dogeyes was brutally beaten by an enraged Wei. Duke met Wei, and they put Dogeyes in the trunk of the car, and after shooting attackers in cars and on motorcycles, dropped him off at the Golden Koi. Mrs. Chu confronted him, and forced him to eat pieces of Johnny's corpse. Dogeyes plead for his life, but Wei was unmoved and told him that it was "just business". Dogeyes was brutally dismembered and murdered with a meat cleaver by Mrs. Chu, the vengeful mother of his former best friend.

Raymond Mak later noticed the disappearance of Dogeyes, but when he asked Wei what happened to him, Wei said that he didn't know.

Nightmare in North Point

Along with Johnny Ratface and Ponytail, Dogeyes is one of the ghosts resurrected by Smiley Cat. He lures Wei to his old drug manufacturing plant that Wei and the Water Street Gang destroyed in the previous game. Dogeyes uses the Jiang Shi and the remnants of the Jade Gang as his reinforcements. After Wei fights off the possessed Jade gang members that Dogeyes summoned he chases Dogeyes inside the plant where he fights both Dogeyes and the remaining Jiang Shi. Once the Jiang Shi are defeated, Wei fought and defeated Dogeyes before burning his corpse to send him back to the underworld. During the fight, Dogeyes continues to goad Wei as he did in life, claiming to still be having sexual relationships with his sister in the underworld. 

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs


  • Dogeyes' fedora will be made available to the player once the Ghost Pig Pack is downloaded.
  • Sam Lin's nickname "Dogeyes" referes to oral sex, this reflects on his character since he was in the prostitution business with Big Smile Lee and also used Wei Shen's sister sexually.