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Central Apartment Interior

The Central Apartment is the second apartment in Sleeping Dogs available to the protagonist, Wei Shen. It is unlocked after completion of the mission "Uncle Po".

The apartment is lavishly and beautifully furnished. It contains a large bed, a bathroom with a usable toilet and sink, a kitchen with a usable refrigerator with Dragon Kick inside, and a flat screen television which can be used for surveillance as part of Drug Busts.


There are four upgrades available for this apartment.

  • Tapestry (HK $3000): Purchased from a man in a black suit just inside a shopping mall area in Central, northeast of the words "Wah Fi Storage" on the map.  There is also a Lockbox nearby.
  • Coffee table and rug (HK $7200): Available from a man inside the K-Bar.
  • Ming dynasty vase (HK$ 8000): Bought near the Government House in Central from a woman using her cellphone located to the left of the "G" in Government House on the map. There is also a Health Shrine nearby.
  • Sofa set (HK $14000): Bought from a man sitting in at a stall on the Boardwalk between the Central and North Point districts.