Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Calvin
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1976
Home:  Hong Kong
Main affiliation:  Water Street Gang
Vehicle(s):  Silver Kleinod
Wangan GSX
Voiced by:  Conan Lee

Calvin is a member of the Water Street Gang.

He is a favor character who is seen with Winston at the Golden Koi when Jackie brings Wei Shen to Winston. Calvin is seen as a favor character in many missions where he attacks citizens and officers and Wei is asked to be his getaway driver in each of them, prompting Wei to tell Calvin that he must learn to drive. Calvin's missions are humorous, such as in "Cop Pursuit" he claims a cop has been sleeping with his girlfriend and knocks him out, asking Wei to drive away from the police. During the chase he admits the woman the cop has been sleeping with was not his girlfriend, but rather just a girl he likes.

Calvin also helps Wei when he finds out about Tiffany having an affair with Longfinger Chau behind Wei's back.

Calvin was later kidnapped by a serial killer. The murderer had previously killed Vincent along with two other Triad members, harvested their organs, and then left the bodies under the Aberdeen Bridge. Calvin was put in the trunk of the serial killer's car, about to suffer a similar fate. However, with the help of Inspector Jane Teng, Wei was able to locate the car, and apprehend the serial killer. Wei keeps Calvin in the trunk to protect his identity as an undercover officer and tells Teng to send someone to release Calvin from the trunk.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs