Buried Alive
Start Aberdeen harbor
End Aberdeen docks
Rewards None
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Civil Discord The Election
"Wei races against time to find his Sun On Yee brother Jackie. He refuses to pay the ransom and hunts down 18K members to find out where his friend is."
―Game description.

Buried Alive is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Raymond calls Wei to meet him at the docks. Wei angrily confronts Raymond because of what Pendrew did back at the funeral, but Raymond replies that he came here against Pendrew's orders and claims that he never want Wei for the undercover mission to infiltrate the Sun On Yee because of what Dogeyes did to his sister. Raymond offers Wei to get off from the mission to avoid being sold out by Pendrew, but Wei takes it in an infuriated manners.

Suddenly, Wei's phone rings and the call is from Jackie. However, instead of Jackie speaking with him on the phone, it was somebody else who claims to have him hostage. Realizing that his friend is in danger, Wei decided to go to the designated spot and leaves Raymond alone.


Takes any vehicle and drives to the location. Get into the alley and you will find three 18K members. After a member named Newshoes frisked Wei, you may proceed downstairs to the garages. Wei meets with an 18K enforcer named Horseface and asks him for Jackie's whereabouts. But instead, the whole thing turns into an ambush, and you must fight them all until no one's left.

After you defeated Horseface's goons, he will come down to fight you himself. He's not so hard to beat and can even be grabbed. After you defeated him, drags him to the table saw. Wei will interrogates him about Jackie's location, and Horseface tells Wei that the head enforcer of 18K known as Zi Wai knows about Jackie.

Wei then knocks him out by bashing his head on the table and takes his phone to locate Zi Wai. Go back upstairs, and you will see those three gangsters had torch down your vehicle, so you have to go on foot. Use your phone to track down Zi Wai's location. Go to the designated spot, it's not too far from your location.

After you find Zi Wai, he and his bodyguards will trying to flee with bikes. Chase Zi Wai with the car that already prepared for you, and ram his bodyguards who are trying to get in your way.

If you don't manage to knock Zi Wai from his bike during the chase, he will stop at nearby supermarket and running away on foot. Chase him all the way through the complex and he will stop at the park with several 18K reinforcements. Defeat them all and take down Zi Wai.

Take Zi Wai's phone, and it is revealed that Jackie was being held in a small island. Wei will calls Old Salty Crab to provide him with a boat and a weapon. Drives to the bay and gets on the boat. On your way to the island, you will be pursued by several 18Ks members on a boat. Use your SMG to take them all down before resuming your way to the island. But you should be careful as after you kill enough enemies, cops will appear and slightly giving you trouble. After you dispose off the 18Ks, escape from the cops with your boat and head to the island where Jackie's being held.

After you arrived, go to the designated location to find Jackie who was buried down in the sand. After Wei dug him out of the coffin, Jackie breaks down and kicks the coffin in anger.

On the way back to the bay, it was revealed that Big Smile Lee had kidnapped Jackie after the funeral and handed him over to the 18K. Wei tells him to come into the election to expose Lee's wrongdoings. But Jackie, who was traumatized by the event that recently hit him, no longer intends to meddle with Sun On Yee's businesses anymore. Wei eventually manages to persuade him to come into the election tomorrow so that they'll let Jackie go without penalty, and Jackie tells Wei that he'll do this for him, not the Sun On Yee.

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