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Broken Nose Jiang
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Broken Nose Jiang
Also known as:  Broken Nose Jiang
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Female
Date of birth:  1955
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Vehicle(s):  Limo
Voiced by:  Elizabeth Sung
"I believe in harmony. Balance. Peace. And I don't mind spilling a little blood to achieve it."
―Broken Nose Jiang to Wei Shen

Broken Nose Jiang is a character in Sleeping Dogs. She's one of the Red Poles in the Sun On Yee. Soon after Wei killed Big Smile Lee, Jiang became the Dragon Head of the Sun On Yee and ordered the Sun On Yee to leave Wei alone for his loyalty.



Being a woman, Jiang is a rarity among Sun On Yee. Jiang is a successful, innovative Red Pole in a world dominated by men who distrust, use, and abuse women. Undercover investigators have been unable to determine her real name, and she has crafted a reputation based on fear of her alleged ruthlessness towards threats to her power base. She believes in peace and equality, and is not afraid of spilling blood to achieve it.

She is unsupportive of the prostitution and pornography production rings within the Sun On Yee, which puts her at odds with Big Smile Lee, whose profits stem primarily from these businesses. She believes that if Big Smile Lee was appointed Dragon Head, the Sun On Yee would be set back. She believes that there are much better opportunities for the Sun On Yee instead of prostitution and porn. She appears to be backing Winston Chu in the current struggle against Dogeyes' Jade Gang, which in turn is part of a proxy war between Big Smile Lee and Jiang.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

Wei Shen is introduced to Jiang after she helps him escape a police chase after he fought off an attack by Big Smile Lee's men. After a brief introduction, she reveals her plan to become Dragon Head should Uncle Po not recover from been shot at the wedding of Winston and Peggy Li. She then asks Wei to support her as together they are strong enough to challenge Big Smile Lee.

She later visits Uncle Po in the hospital along with the other senior members of the Sun On Yee. After Po promotes Wei to Red Pole, he decides a temporary chairman must be named. After Pockmark Cheuk declines the position, Jiang quickly suggests Two Chin Tsao before Big Smile Lee gets the chance to request the position. Jiang states that as Tsao is Po's real nephew he would be the best person to preserve the Po's wishes and keep the family together. However, Jiang did this to prevent Lee from getting the promotion. Tsao gladly accepts the temporary position.

However, she later feels that Tsao is getting too comfortable in his new position and requests Wei's help. She asks Wei and Old Salty Crab to manipulate Tsao's superstitious nature and exploit his belief in feng shui by breaking into his house and moving, breaking and stealing objects, to make him believe that his new position has caused him to be unlucky. After this, Tsao breaks down and goes into seclusion.

Jiang is next seen at Uncle Po's funeral with the other senior Sun On Yee members. After the police arrest Sonny Wo, the 18K Triad attempt to assassinate the Sun On Yee members. They all survive but after the attack a heated discussion takes place. Jiang once again openly refuses to allow Lee to take control of the Triad and demands that an election is held. She gets her way but Lee storms off furiously, warning that promotion for anyone but him would be disastrous for the Sun On Yee.

Lee then launches a war on his enemies, he ordered Liu Shen Tong to kill Jackie Ma and then torture Wei, who had been discovered to be an undercover cop. Tong was then supposed to kill Jiang, however Wei escaped and killed Tong before he could do so. Wei eventually went on to kill Lee himself.

She later sends Wei a USB flash drive of how Po actually died and after discovering Thomas Pendrew personally assassinated him, she had Pendrew arrested. Jiang is assumed to have taken full control of the Sun On Yee at the end of the game, as Uncle Po's advisor Pockmark is seen riding in her limo and she is referred to as Aunt Jiang. Jiang bears no ill will towards Wei Shen after his cover is blown by Thomas Pendrew. As a result of Shen's actions on her behalf, Jiang orders the Sun On Yee to leave him alone.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs


  • Jiang is the only female Red Pole in Sun On Yee. At Uncle Po's funeral, Big Smile Lee appears to express resentment over the fact that a woman was made a Red Pole.
  • Jiang owns a black limo.
  • Jiang is known for speaking in Chinese in the middle of her Dialogue. This is indicated by some of her words that are enclosed in parentheses in the subtitles whenever she talks.
  • During the mission The Funeral, she never appears during the shootout against the 18K Triad crew members. Instead, a random Sun On Yee triad member replaces her instead until the end of the fight.