Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Ace
Status:  Deceased
Gender:  Male
Date of death:  2012
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Ace's Girlfriend (Girlfriend)
Vehicle(s):  Blue Drifter GT

Ace is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He was part of the Hong Kong street racing scene.

Ace was first seen taunting Hotshot after a race. He challenged him to a race but left and was not seen again for quite some time. Later, it is revealed that Hotshot planned to murder him during the race and make it look like an accident. Before he could stop it, Wei Shen went to the scene of the murder and found Ace's car on a beach. His girlfriend survived the accident and told Wei what happened.

Ace was leading in the race by far, but Hotshot sped up behind them and used the PIT maneuver to make them lose control. Ace crashed through a guardrail and fell many meters below to his death. According to his girlfriend, the steering wheel hit Ace's chest with force, probably crushing his ribs and killing him instantly. The police arrive to survey the scene and Ace's girlfriend is taken to a hospital.

Hotshot was later arrested and charged with many counts of illegal street racing, and was apparently shocked when he was charged with murder.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs