1100 NA-R
"Feel the power of 1100 cc's between your legs."
―In-game description.

The 1100 NA-R is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. It can be bought by Wei Shen from the Kennedy Town Garage for HK $150,000 at Face Level 4. It is arguably the fastest bike in the game. The player can also use this bike temporarily for the Truck Recovery favor.


  • In the radio ad, it is mentioned that it has 195 BHP (Brake horsepower). It is a rather exaggerated figure for a sports bike, especially for >1000cc sportbikes (only a small number of sports bikes have over 180 HP in real life, such as Ducati 1199 and MV Agusta F4-1000R).
  • It has the same engine sound as the Hamaya Cougar 600 from Just Cause 2.